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Baphonium Concerto


Grade 5

(Flute Grade 6)

15 min.



This Concerto is a commission from Bruno Pascoal, a Portuguese Euphonium

player. All the music is a great variation of the euphonium solo from Templar

Suite (titled Baphomet), that the author wrote specially for Bruno. So, this solo

appears in the first section of the work (bars 52 – 69), as the beginning and

source of all the melodies. The work tries to combine and explote the lyricism

and the virtuosity of the Euphonium solo part, interacting and creating the whole musical speech with the rest of the Band.


Complete set: 100€ (includes piano reduction)

Complete PDF set: 90€ (includes piano reduction)

Piano Reduction: 30

Additional Score: 30

Please email to to order and more information.

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