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Mare Tenebrosum


Grade 5

11 min.


This works is inspired by legends about the sea beyond Finisterre, which for centuries was the end of the known world. Many legends arose around this believe, and people were told they will face monsters, terrible storms or even the hell itself if they travel through the Mare Tenebrosum. 

The piece is structures in 4 sections, basically slow-fast-slow-fast. The main motive is presented at the introduction, ending with a Tenor Sax solo, swallowed by the sea's fog, then the tempestuous next section depicts all the apocalyptic visions of the waters at the edge of the world. Then we will find a melodious and slow section describing the beautiful dawn from the Finisterre Cape, and the work finishes with a dance, inspired by the Celtic people who lived in the north-west of Spain.


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