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Concerto for Winds


Grade 6

20 min.



This CONCERTO FOR WINDS has been thought as a piece of absolute music in three movements (Although there is no division between them). The first movement is a Sonata form with a customary opening movement form; the second movement is
in a ternary form ABA slow and lyrical in some way; and the third movement is in a rondo form with a final and bright coda (ABACA-Coda).
All the melodic and harmonic material has been taken from the IV mode of limited transposition by O. Messiaen.
This notes set is developed in a free way, both harmonically and melodically, and is transformed with the classical process of inversion, retrogression or fragmentation. This piece combines different harmonic environments, but always inside the mode’s parameters.


Complete set: 250

Complete PDF set: 200

Additional Score: 50

Please email to to order and more information.

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