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Listen and see!

Here you can listen some of my works (if you check 'MUSIC' you'll be able to get pretty much all of my music). You can also see some of my appearances as a conductor.

Memorphose from the Lake

Conducting my own METAMORPHOSES FROM THE LAKE, with the Banda Sinfónica Metropolitana de Quito at Teatro Nacional de la Fundación Sucre in Ecuador (29/09/2019)


Amazonia (Op. 20), Symphonic Landscape #2. Performed by Mallorca's Council Band. Salvador Sebastiá, conductor. Auditori del Conservatori Superior de les Illes Balears. (18/10/2013)

Dreams of Peace

Conducting my own DREAMS OF PEACE (clarinet concerto), with the Tainan Wind Ensemble (Kai Wei, clarinet), on August 28th, 2015.


Conducting William Schuman's Chester with the University of Massachusetts Symphony Band at Fine Arts Center Concert Hall in Amherst, MA. (23/10/2019)

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