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Navidad Negra


Grade 3

10 min.

Navidad Negrapdf.jpg


This work was commissioned by the Proyecto "Vientos del Sur" through Gobernación de Nariño. The piece is titled after a bloody episode of the history of Pasto (a city located in Nariño, southern Colombia). My intention was not to create a descriptive piece, and I used a 5-note-motive, Si(B ), Lab(L), La(A), Do(C), Do#(K) and a local folk song titled "La Guaneña" to create all harmonic textures and lines. Written in a non-melodic and more textural style, I tried to evolve my compositional language with this piece.


Complete set: 100

Complete PDF set: 90

Additional Score: 30

Please email to to order and more information.

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