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Sparks of the Oriental Light

Op. 31

Grade 3

5 min.



This epic march describe the story about the Three Wise Men, who came from Orient to bring some gifts to Jesus when he was born. The march begins with a Fanfare to announce the travel of the Kings. Then we found a very spiritual theme which means the holy reason of the trip. After a variation of the opening fanfare, we have a very dramatic melody to describe the encounter with the King Herodes, who wanted to kill all the new born childs, to kill the new Messiah of the prophecy. The new theme in the minor scale reflects the time when the Jesus was born, anguished and convulsed. But, the appearance of the major relativo in the middle of the theme, open the hope on the heart of the believers. The final Coda announce that finally, the Three Wise Men arrived to their destination place.


Complete set: 50

Complete PDF set: 40

Additional Score: 20

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