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The Composer of Storms


Grade 6

27 min.



This symphony is a commission from the "Associació Musical Ciutat de Benicarló" (SPAIN) and is inspired on the novel "The Composer of Storms" by Andrés Pascual. Instead of simply describe the story in a programatic way, the composer tries to work with the several musical references of the book, and transfer it to the music. For examle, the quest of the "Melody of the Soul" (which shape the entire novel) take form in a set of 13 sounds. The appearece of motivs by M. A Charpentier and J. B. Lully in this music is related to they role in the story. And the description of a "cesealess rhythm" at the arrival to the Moon Island, encourage the composer to include a characteristic rithm that we can listen throgout the three non interrupted movements.


Complete set: 300

Complete PDF set: 250

Additional Score: 70

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