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A Young Symphony


Grde 3

10 min.



A Young Symphony returns to the fundamental principles of instrumental symphonic writing, with a technical difficulty of Grade 3 (easy-medium). Furthermore, the work aims to avoid the numerous and abundant clichés used in this kind of repertoire for wind band, with a classical symphony structure and a cyclic development of the motivic material throughout the 4 movements in a reduced format, appropriate and accessible for young bands. As mentioned above, the four movements outline the “classic symphony” structure:
- I: Allegro-Sonata Form
- II: Ternary Form ABA
- III: Rondo Form (Scherzando)
- IV: Sonata Form
Despite the main harmonic/tonal syntax of the work, it is enriched due to the use of the scale called as Hungarian Major Scale, while simultaneously making small uses of major-minor modal sonority.
Finally, far from looking a gimmicky language, the motivic development and the counterpoint play an important role throughout this 10-minute work.


Complete set: 100

Complete PDF set: 90

Additional Score: 30

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