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The Valley of Núria


Grade 5

12 min.



Although the title of the work could be suggestive, this isn’t a descriptive piece. Maybe, some myths about the veneration of the Nuria’s Valley Virgin (Girona, SPAIN), have influenced and (in some way), helped to take shape the music in some sections. For example, the character of Sant Gil, who according to the local tradition, was born in Athens and lived in a cave around the Núria’s Valley making Religious Icons. This journey and the later search of his relics have inspired the central section (m. 33- 210), but just as an sounded image, not as a story. And the religiousness, the veneration of the Virgin it’s described at the final part of the work (m. 221 to the end). But as we said before, this isn’t a programmatic work, and the title it’s because the utilization of the “Goigs a la Mare de Déu de Núria” (local anthem to the Virgin) as a principal element to compose the music.


Complete set:150

Complete PDF set: 140

Additional Score: 50

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